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A Timeline of Blunt's Promises and Bold Proclamations About Health Care Reform Legislation

As even semi-frequent Fired Up! readers know by now, Roy Blunt has been promising a "real" health care reform plan for months, and has even been praising himself for how great said plan is/will be.  But now, Blunt says following through on his commitments will just "confuse the focus," whatever that means.

A partial list of Roy Blunt's promises and claims is below.

  • Broken Promise, February 4: "Through this working group, Republicans will develop real solutions to improve our health care system.."
  • Broken Promise, March 8: "Republicans will lead the effort to make health care work for Americans. We'll also lead the fight against any proposals that undermine your ability to get the treatment the doctor you choose recommends."
  • Broken Promise, March 12: "The group is crafting policy proposals to increase Americans’ access to quality, affordable health care..."
  • Broken Promise, May 11: "We’re looking forward to crafting bipartisan legislation to improve health care for all Americans.”
  • Broken Promise, May 11: "Rep. Roy Blunt (Mo.), who is helming the House GOP’s healthcare task force, said Monday that he wants to provide his colleagues with an alternative reform proposal before Congress recesses for Memorial Day."
  • Audacious Statement, June 2: "No report or headline can take the place of a comprehensive plan - and that is what we have yet to see from the White House..."
  • Broken Promise, June 8: "House Republicans plan to unveil their own alternative healthcare legislation in the coming weeks and Blunt pledged that it will cost substantially less than the Democratic proposals."
  • Broken Promise, June 11: "GOP offers constructive options to improve access to health care"
  • Broken Promise, June 16: "House Republicans will unveil their version of healthcare legislation on Wednesday, Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) said Tuesday, timing the release to coincide with the start of the Senate markup...The lead architect of the bill is former Minority Whip Roy Blunt (R-Mo.)."
  • Broken Promise, June 17: "When the details are drafted in the coming weeks, they would present a plan that 'costs far less than the Democrats’ [plan] and provides better results for the American people.'"
  • Broken Promise, June 17: "We believe we can come up with a plan where every person in the uninsured has access to insurance."
  • Broken Promise, June 25: "We'll continue that outreach [to Democrats] while drafting our own legislation..."
  • False Statement, July 5: "As for Blunt, he said he's focusing on policy changes he believes in, regardless of the political consequences."
  • Broken Promise, July 8: "As we approach this debate on health care, there are Republican principles that have been out there a long time that are going to followed this week by legislation..."
  • False Statement, July 10: My plan is "actually much more detailed than their [Democratic] plan has been." 
  • False Statement, July 14: "This week we outlined a thoughtful reform proposal that expands access to quality care at a cost our nation can afford.”

Blunt has unambiguously committed himself to producing a plan that is "actually much more detailed" than other pieces of legislation.

How is he going to talk his way out of this one?



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