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Last Year Akin Claimed Liberals Want to Make People “Their Slaves” and “Government Their God”

For those who have been paying attention, it is a well know fact that Rep. Todd Akin has a long history of saying outrageous and offensive comments about the religious beliefs he unfairly attributes to others.   

Let’s take a look at his campaign Web site from 2010. Specifically, a couple sentences that seem very out of line – even now when Tea Party rhetoric has set the bar pretty high:

Liberals instinctively seek to make civil government their god, and force everyone else to become their slaves through big government takeovers. They wish to control what you own, but also what you think.

Whoever wrote the copy for his Web site must have been channeling George Orwell. It is pretty hard to use the excuse that he is not able to give an "artful" glimpse into his issue positions on his own webpage. To see the full page from 2010 click here. Big hat tip to Gloria Bilchick for bringing this to our attention. Here is a screen capture:



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