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Wagner Announcing Something Very Major to GOP Voters in St. Louis Today

Politico reports this morning that Ann Wagner is slated to make a "major announcement" on two Republican radio stations in St. Louis today (and Republican radio stations in St. Louis only). 

SCORE EXCLUSIVE – WAGNER MOVES: Former Missouri Republican Party Chair Ann Wagner will make a major announcement about her political future today on St. Louis radio, a source told Morning Score. Wagner’s expected to make news on KMOX’s The Mark Reardon Show and 97.1’s The Dana Show with Dana Loesch. A former ambassador to Luxembourg and Republican National Committee co-chair, Wagner has been mentioned as a possible candidate for U.S. Senate against Democrat Claire McCaskill. She is also believed to be considering a run for the House, if Rep. Todd Akin vacates the 2nd District seat to run for Senate.

UPDATE: The Hotline presumably read the same Wagner tease, but says she's running for Senate...

Meanwhile, former Missouri Republican Party chairwoman Ann Wagner will declare on two radio shows Tuesday she's running against Sen. Claire McCaskill (D). Wagner will have to get through a crowded GOP field, but she's got big-money connections that could set her apart from candidates who haven't raised much so far.

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