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What Would Be Too Crazy for Ed Martin?

It's hard to be surprised by anything Ed Martin does these days. But a couple of the photos posted on Martin's official campaign website from yesterday's 'Tea Party Rally' are downright incredible. 

The signs below are probably not shocking by normal tea party standards -- but is this the 'new normal' for Republican candidates?  One might think this extreme rhetoric would be rejected by a "mainstream" GOP Congressional candidate. (For the purposes of this post, I'll assume that there is a difference between the "mainstream GOP" and the radical fringe.) But instead, these signs are held up and celebrated by Martin. 

The sign on the left is captioned "Presidential Advisors," and includes pictures of Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro, Mao Zedong and Karl Marx behind Barack Obama, all displayed on the flag of the USSR. The sign on the right presumably indicates that some sort of communist state is next on Obama's "agenda."

The right side of this sign reads "Obama's Marxist Way," along with "Dictatorship," "Disenfranchisement," "Lies," "Socialistic 'Utopia,'" and "Savior of the World."

Honestly: What are the limits of reasonable political discourse?  Do the Missouri GOP and NRCC endorse this junk the same way Martin does? The English language is rich enough that we can talk about ideological differences without making absurd and offensive comparisons to murderous communist dictators.



This photo isn't offensive, but it certainly is ridiculous. 



For reference, here is how the photos are displayed right now on Martin's website.

Photos from the Tea Party Rally at the Arch (Feb 27) « Ed Martin For Congress_1267393073711



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