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Where is Van Godsey -- one of the GOP's favorites -- in all of the MIAC coverage?

Somehow lost in the MIAC report fury is MIAC director Van Godsey.  Godsey has been the MIAC director since its creation, and the Superintendent of the Highway Patrol has identified Godsey as the man who reviewed and approved the report.

Godsey has long been close with top Republican leaders.  He was appointed to his current position as Director of MIAC under Governor Blunt. He was a confidant of former Congressman and gubernatorial candidate Kenny Hulshof, and worked directly with Hulshof in the tragic Joshua Kezer case. Once, Van Godsey described himself to Matt Blunt's former chief counsel, Henry Herschel, as Blunt's "smartest hardworking asset." Herschel, in turn, called Godsey one of the Governor's "best employees."

When and how did Godsey approve the report for distribution?



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