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A Whole Weekend of Crazy Can Be Yours For Only $99!

If you've got $99 bucks and the intestinal fortitude to handle three days of right-wing craziness, you should consider attending Phyllis Schlafly's "How to Take Back America Conference" in St. Louis, September 25-27.

Lunatic Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) is a confirmed guest, along with Rep. Todd Akin and Mike Huckabee. The conference website also prominently features a picture of State Rep. Ed Emery (R-Lamar).

Conference Host Rick Scarborough has declared the conference a "first step to bringing together the Right in order to 'turn out the infidels' and fill Congress with true leaders like Rep. Michele Bachmann," according to the website Right Wing Watch.

The host committee also includes Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily, a birther and early supporter of a prospective Sean Hannity presidential campaign.

Event organizers are currently soliciting feedback for workshop topics.  Options include:

  • How to keep ERA permanently dead
  • How to deal with the supremacist judiciary
  • How to keep global warming from leading to global government
  • How to use the media to take back America
  • How to "Market", "Frame", and "spin" your issue
  • How to protect parents rights against UN treaties
  • How to teach criticisms of evolution
  • How to defend against gay attacks on marriage and religious speech
  • How to stop feminist and gay attacks on the military

A full menu of workshop options may be found here. also has a helpful rundown of the event hosts

Just look at this list of organizers and hosts:

Michael Farris is the founder of the Home School Legal Defense Association and Patrick Henry College, as well as the author of the Parental Rights Amendment.

Don Wildmon is Chairman of the American Family Association, the boycott-happy right-wing group that recently went after Miley Cyrus for Twittering her views that Jesus loves everyone, whether they are gay or straight.

Joseph Farah is the founder of WorldNetDaily, one of the main forces behind the "birther" movement and just about every other right-wing conspiracy.

Phyllis Schlafly of the Eagle Forum believes that married women can't be raped by their husbands.

Mat Staver is the founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, the group that is still selling the "proud to be a right-wing extremist" cards, who, earlier this year at CPAC, declared that gay marriage would lead to an entire generation of violent criminals.

Rick Scarborough of Vision America recently traveled to Notre Dame to protest along with Alan Keyes and Randall Terry and, just last week, issued a statement decrying the administration's recognition of LBGT pride month, saying that gays have nothing to be proud of and that those "who engage in unnatural acts should hang their heads in shame."

But none of Huckabee's former supporters has become more deranged than Janet Porter of Faith2Action, who declared that anyone who votes for Obama will go to hell, has used her column at WorldNetDaily to advance the birther conspiracy against Obama and lead the fight against hate crimes legislation, dubbed the "Pedophile Protection Act", by inundating Congress with faxes, all while simultaneously leading the right-wing effort against the Department of Homeland Security report on right-wing extremism by launching an ad campaign demanding Janet Napolitano's resignation.

Just about every insane right-wing conspiracy theory currently in circulation has been embraced by one or more of the organizers of this event, all of whom have actively worked to spread the fear that Obama and the Democrats are out to destroy Christianity and turn America into a socialist hellhole. 

And Mike Huckabee, instead of trying to distance himself from the lunacy of his former supporters, openly and willingly continues to associate with them. 

Absolutely amazing.

Amazing indeed.



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