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Exclusive: Texas Prosecutor Seeks Governor Blunt's Campaign Finance Records

Pursuant to a Missouri Sunshine Law request, Fired Up! has obtained records which indicate that Texas prosecutors in the criminal case against Rep. Tom DeLay recently sought certified copies of campaign finance disclosure reports for the year 2000 for Governor Matt Blunt and his principal campaign committee, Missourians For Matt Blunt.

Previous news reports have revealed that Prosecutor Ronnie Earle was looking at bank records and campaign finance reports for ARMPAC, Roy Blunt's Leadership PAC--the Rely On Your Beliefs Fund, and the Missouri Republican Party.

However, Fired Up! is the first to report that Earle's investigators are now specifically reviewing the campaign finance records of Missouri's chief executive.

The November 28, 2005 request on the letterhead of the Office of the District Attorney, also seeks certified copies of committee disclosures for the Rely On Your Beliefs Fund.  The letter is signed by Marshall E. Vogt, CPA, a Sergeant Investigator in the Special Prosecution/Public Integrity Unit.

Records at the Missouri Ethics Commission indicate that the response to Earle's request totalled 829 pages.



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