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Akin Is ‘R’ Kind of Guy

Missouri Farm Bureau doesn’t care if you’re a horse’s patootie as long as you have an “R” emblazoned on your bib overalls.  The group’s rural members, who are used to holding their nose when walking through a barnyard, did the same when they recently “re-endorsed” Todd Akin for the U.S Senate.  The brittle-headed Bureau supporters had second-thoughts after Akin’s outrageous remarks that showed an abysmal misunderstanding of women and basic high school biology.  But, all can be forgiven if you’re a certifiable “R.” Akin is not just an “R;” he’s a “Triple R,” that is, a Rarified, Radical Republican.

It’s unlikely Todd has much affinity with those who work the soil, still, Farm Bureau says, “He’s “R” kind of guy.” I am not surprised.  The group has been a GOP front organization ever since its inception more than thirty years ago and has never found a Democrat running statewide worthy of its support.  Harry Truman once said that farmers could “spot a phony a mile off.” Harry never met this Farm Bureau bunch.



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