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Akin v. My Fair Lady

According to Todd Akin, his lovely, fair-haired opponent maybe of the female persuasion, but she’s definitely no “lady.” Who knows what standard Akin uses to make that judgment?  Apparently, Claire did not act “ladylike” enough during their recent debate date, which was an affront to the congressman’s political virility—a condition he often enhances by dressing up in colonial stockings, a lace-front shirt, and a tri-cornered hat while fingering his long-barreled musket.

Todd is of the old school when it comes to the ways of womankind.  Of course, we all know that a lady, by definition, is well-mannered, proper, virtuous, gentle, refined, and polite even in the presence of a blithering idiot.  Despite Claire’s deficiencies in some of these areas, Akin came close to calling her a lady—well, a Dragon Lady, that is—when he compared her to an uncaged “wildcat” pouncing on him ferociously and without cause.  Man up, Todd.  If you can’t take Claire’s campaign assaults how will you ever endure those in the senate arena?

True, Claire is no Lady-in-Waiting.  The Senator from Missouri does not “suffer fools gently” as St. Paul advised.  That’s what we admire about her.  But she is Missouri’s Leading Lady in Washington and she doesn’t need to bluff her patriotism and performance with some silly costume to prove it.



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