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The Dream Escalator

The number crunching Paul Ryan showed all the warmth of an icicle when he told a conservative rag last year that he wants to defend “upward mobility,” because it’s the “moral way.” No mention of what to do with those unable to get on board his “Dream Escalator” of upward mobility.  No mention of those that fall off or get shoved off through no fault of their own.  No mention of middle class workers in a struggling economy.  No mention of vets, seniors, and students, or the sick, homeless and jobless unable to climb onto the fast moving tram that lifts Romney/Ryan and their buddies to new economic heights, as they sneeringly toss down copies of “Atlas Shrugged” to enlighten those left behind.

According to Ryan, 70% of Americans want to be on the Dream Escalator.  That’s, at least, a 17% improvement from Mitt’s declaration that 74% are moochers—lazy louts—wanting a free lift from government.  The GOP vice presidential aspirant claims that his goal is to ensure “equality of opportunity,” not “equality of outcomes.”   Since lack of success indicates a moral failing on the part of the less fortunate, Ryan and his GOP cohorts are absolved of any responsibility. Their hands are clean; their hearts pure.

Only those physically, mental and ideologically fit for inclusion are welcomed aboard the Ryan Dream Escalator; the rest can use the rickety back staircase—if they can find it.



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