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A Handy Halloween Guide to Political Costuming

Want to make a political statement with a trendy Halloween outfit?  Try this costume.  Put on a clean, starched shirt, with tie, roll up your sleeves and don a spotless apron and latex gloves.  Tie a pot scrubber around your neck.  Presto!  You are Paul Ryan, the Fake Dish Washer.  Or keep on your sweaty, gym togs and spend the evening talking about your six-pack abs and two-hour marathon.

Alternatively, go to your Halloween event this year as Eddie Munster with his short pants, bowtie, and trademark widow’s peak and see if people can figure out that you are Paul Ryan, pretending to be the ghoulish boy, Eddie Munster (not to be confused with the foolish boy, Eddie Martin.)

If you don’t have time to create a political costume, here are a few quick and easy solutions that should get you through the door of any Halloween party.  Wear jeans and a western shirt, carry a folding chair and talk to it all evening like it’s your best friend.  You will instantly be recognized as a senile Clint Eastwood. 

By dressing as a clown and making silly remarks while passing out your favorite recipes, you can capture the real Dave Spence, professional home economist turned GOP candidate for governor. 

To be an instant Mitt Romney, overstuff a notebook with paper dolls, label it “Binder Full of Women,” and put it under your arm.  Complete the look by wearing flip flops, gray sideburns, and a smirk.

Try draping yourself in yellow boas, shimmy into a pair of leotards, and carry a sign that reads:  “Will scratch and crow for chicken feed, signed Big Bird.” 

For a retro look, consider carrying an AK-47 and dressing in a camo hunting outfit, flag pin, trendy eyewear, and a pony tail to imitate an Alaskan governor from a bygone era.

These are just starters.  Send us your creations, including pictures. 



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