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Stop It This Instant!

Ann Romney told GOP critics of her husband to just “Stop it!” Then she repeated the command in a firmer, more demanding voice like she might have used as a mother, reprimanding her sons for wrestling in the parlor.  As a parent I’ve used the “Stop it” expression many times, when it seemed necessary for my survival, but not on adults… well, not unless you count that time my dental technician probed a bit too far under my gum line, but that’s another story.

Mrs. R. went on to admonish the advice-mongers to “get in the ring” if they think they’re so smart, tough and talented. “This is hard,” she declared.  “You want to try it?  Get in the ring.”  She capped her remarks by reminding her interviewer just how “lucky” the electorate is “to have someone with Mitt’s qualifications and experience and know-how” running the country.

Indeed, it appears the Romneys are smitten with a sense of both self-pity and entitlement.  The poll numbers make them edgy. After two years of flipping and flopping like fish out of water, they are worn out.  They feel frayed and under-appreciated.  With a mere 40-some days to go in the campaign, a recuperative vacation is in order.  I suggest a few months in the Caymans, the offshore haven where much of their possessions reside.  I understand there’s some lovely beachside rooms available at bargain rates the second week in November.





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