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The Tale of the Binder Women

Certain men keep their women in burkas so they are not exposed to the world.  But Mitt Romney preferred keeping his women in binders, when he was Governor of Massachusetts.  Either way—burkas or binders--females were kept out of sight and only unveiled as needed.  Sitting subserviently on a shelf like a parts’ catalog, the binder people were available when it was noticed that there weren’t enough women around the place.

 It would be interesting to know how the binder was tabbed.  Hmmm….maybe such designations as: Menopausal; Divorced; Single Mothers Needing to Be Home by Five; Resists Male Authority; Demands Equal Pay; or Pro-Life.

With his flip remark about women in binders, Romney not only insulted women, he was able to offend conservatives, who might have taken his binder comment as a form of affirmative action.

Truth be known, Romney did not go out looking for women once he was Governor.  There were no women partners during Romney’s years at Bain, not even Binder Women.  It was a women's group—“Mass Gap”—that came to the new  Governor to demand that more women be brought on board. Even so, a University of Massachusetts study found that the percentage of senior-level appointed positions held by women actually declined slightly during the Romney administration.

Vote for Romney, you women 47%-ers, and someday you, too, may find yourself in an employment binder. One thing for certain: in a Romney-Ryan economy, you’ll definitely find yourself in a bind.



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