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Thoughts From the Convention

When it feels like a sauna outdoors and it's impossible to walk or drive beyond the security perimeter and your feet ache, one can become: (a) deeply aggravated; (b) willing to skip a favorite event; or (c) deeply philosophical.

I am to stage (c).  It seems that two immutable forces are in contention here in Charlotte at the Democratic National Convention:  conventioneers wanting to access the events designed for them to attend and the security forces wanting to limit their access. I predict that political conventions will go the way of the dodo bird.  The cost will simply become too great to maintain the security and access needed. Ultimately, conventions will take place on the Internet-- safe, cheap, and efficient.

Then, again, I would miss standing twelve feet from Tony Bennett and hearing him sing, I Left My  Heart in San Francisco.  That's made the hassle all worth while.



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