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NY Times To Feature GOP Group With Strong Missouri Ties

Tony Feather doesn't really like attention much, so I doubt he'll be all that pleased by the story coming on the front page of tomorrow's NY Times.  According to Raw Story, tomorrow's NY Times will profile the activities of Progress For America, and its ties to the Bush White House.

Here's an interesting map showing the ties between Feather, other Missouri politicos and various unfolding national scandals.

There are also other Missouri ties to Progress For America.  The current spokesperson for Progress For America is Jessica Boulanger, who is on leave from Majority Leader Roy Blunt's office.  Jessica is married to an Abramoff protoge, Todd Boulanger, who drafted a letter signed by Speaker Dennis Hastert, Majority Leader Roy Blunt, and then-Majority Leader Tom DeLay to Interior Secretary Gale Norton.  The letter advocated on behalf of one of Abramoff's Indian gaming clients.

Boulanger was also one of the members of the Abramoff team that made $120,000 off the state of Missouri when the Missouri Highway Commission was bullied into hiring Abramoff's firm by a member of the Missouri congressional delegation.

Update: Here's the NY Times story.



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