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The Man Behind the Amazing BradBlog Coming to a Venue Near You

When, over the course of the U.S. Attorney firings imbroglio, it became necessary to peel back the curtain on "vote fraud" hucksters like Thor Hearne and the American Center for Voting Rights, Brad Friedman of the BradBlog was one of the blogosphere's most important figures.  Friedman had already spent months uncovering and chronicling the misdeeds of figures whose main purpose was to disenfranchise Americans, making him an expert on a topic on which it took mainstream media ages to catch up.  

Now we Missourians have a chance to hear Friedman speak on fair and honest elections here in our own backyard.  Missourians for Honest Elections is sponsoring a talk by Friedman this Thursday, August 16th.  The event will be held at the Eliot Chapel, 216 E. Argonne in Kirkwood.   Friedman is scheduled to speak at 7:30pm following a 6:30pm screening of the film "Stealing America: Vote by Vote." 

Friedman is a remarkable resource on issues of voting equipment and voting rights.  Anyone who can make it to Kirkwood on Thursday night ought to do so. 

For those who want an early taste, or who live too far from the St. Louis metro area to make the event can hear Friedman on local media today and tomorrow.  Tune in...

Today, 11am CDT: "St. Louis on the Air", KWMU
90.7 FM (NPR affiliate, St. Louis, in-studio, Call-in: 314-382-8255)

Tomorrow, 5:30pm CDT: Sloan Ranger Show, WGNU 920 AM (St. Louis,
in studio, Call-in: 877-920-9468)

When you see Brad at the event, be sure to tell him you read about his talk on Fired Up! Missouri.



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