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Hulshof Pitches Self as "Fiscal Conservative" Republican, Voted to Fund Monkey Sex Research

Kenny Hulshof has been locked in a battle with opponent Sarah Steelman over which GOP gubernatorial candidate can rightly claim the mantle of "fiscal conservative." 

But this is a strategy that Hulshof obviously hasn't been pursuing for very long.  Just last May, Hulshof cast a Congressional vote against an amendment that, among other things, would have prohibited the use of federal funds for research on "social relationships and reproductive strategies of Phayre’s Leaf Monkeys."

Quite odd for an anti-research Republican who claims to be in favor of slashing government spending to have voted to pay for studies on monkey sex. 

Perhaps former district director and "top advisor" Eric Feltner lobbied for the vote in hopes of getting grant money to do an online survey of the sexual habits of preteen Leaf Monkeys?


Note to creeps: Yes, yes.  I know that Missouri's Democratic delegation made the same vote.  So what?  None of those people will be running ads over the next two months claiming to be "more fiscally conservative" than Sarah Steelman. 



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