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Unintentional Truth in Mannies' Sunday Profile on Sinquefield

While it served mostly to show that if you're a crackpot with lots of money you can get the media to write an uncritical story about you, Jo Mannies' Sunday profile on millionaire conservative Rex Sinquefield also provided us a narrow sliver of unspun truth.

With uncharacteristic analytical precision, Mannies writes in her story's third graf (emphasis added):

After making a fortune as an investment banker, Sinquefield is prepared to spend millions in the next few years to influence the Missouri public and help elect state and local officials who share his disdain for income taxes and troubled urban public schools.


Sinquefield, as many have noted, has such disdain for struggling urban public schools that is he is a key booster of voucher programs that would suck state funds out of urban public schools and send those dollars to private and religious schools. As with his plans for the state income tax, which he also disdains, Sinquefield wants to "fix" urban public schools by doing away with them.

If we needed any further evidence of Sinquefield's commitment to moving vouchers by any means necessary, consider his willingness to reward the governor's involvement in a recent House floor vote on a pending voucher bill with cold, hard campaign cash. A week after Blunt was seen actively lobbying the floor in favor of a failed House voucher measure, Sinquefield sent $100,000 to Blunt's re-election campaign.

So thanks to Jo Mannies who successfully used the story of one voucher supporter to --for once-- lay out the true motivations of voucher proponents everywhere. The exposition was so good that I can only imagine that Mannies created it accidentally.



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