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Allen Icet

  • Position Held:  Missouri House, 84th district, 2002-present.  Committees: Budget (chair)
  • Party:  Republican
  • Home City & County:  Wildwood, St. Louis County
  • Education:  Sam Rayburn High School, Pasadena, TX; Texas A&M University, 1980 (B.S. civil engineering); Washington University, 1987, (M.A. business administration)
  • Previous Elected Office:  President, Rockwood Board of Education
  • Birth date & Place:  March 31, 1957; Houston, TX
  • Family:  Wife, Carol; four children, Sarah, Melissa, Alexandria, and Daniel
  • Religion: Baptist
  • Occupation: Engineer

On July 7th, Thomas Schweich also announced his candidacy for Auditor in 2010, which means that there will be an August 2010 GOP primary. Also on July 7th, 2009 Icet announced endorsements from 80 Missouri representatives (90% of all Republican house members and 4 state senators).




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