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Billy Long

  • Position Held:  Congressman, 7th District, MO, 2010-present
  • Party:  Republican 
  • Home City: Springfield, MO
  • Birth Date and Place:  11 August 1955; Springfield, MO
  • Family:  Wife: Barbara; two daughters
  • Education: Attended Missouri Auction School, Kansas City
  • Religion:   Presbyterian
  • Occupation:  Owner, Billy Long Auctions; professional poker player and participant in the World Poker Tour.
  • Work Experience:  Talk show host KWTO.
  • More: Long jumped into the race for the 7th District after Roy Blunt gave it up to make an ultimately successful run for the Senate. In the crowded seven-way Republican primary--the real contest in this heavily Republican district--Long narrowly won with 36 percent of the vote. He then trounced Democratic challenger Scott Eckersley with 63 percent of the vote. 
    Billy has been voted best auctioneer in the Ozarks for seven years in a row.




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