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Chris Kelly

  • Position Held: Missouri House, district 24, 1982-88, 90-92 and 2009-present
  • Party:  Democrat
  • Home City: Columbia MO
  • Birth Date and Place:  October 22, 1946
  • Family:  wife: Judge Nanette Laughrey; children Hugh and Kate
  • Education: Marist College, B.A.1968; University of Missouri, juris doctor, 1988.
  • Religion:  Catholic
  • Occupation:  Attorney
  • Work Experience:  County Director Central Missouri Counties’ Human Development Corporation, 1972-1977; Chair, Missouri Labor and Industrial Relations Commission, 1994-2000; Associate Court judge, 13th judicial district 2000-2006, Boone County Clerk
  • More:   Rep Kelly was the sponsor of legislation making it illegal to drink and drive in Missouri, creating the durable power of attorney for health care, establishing Missouri’s Abuse and Lose Law, Campaign Finance Reform, and the Missouri Federal Reimbursement Allowance Legislation. He led the legislative effort to create the Katy Trail.



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