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Chris Koster

  • Position Held:  Attorney General, 2009-present 
  • Party:  Democrat 
  • Home City & County: Harrisonville, MO, Cass County 
  • Education:  St. Louis University High School; University of Missouri-Columbia, 1987 (B.A) and 1991 (J.D. law); Washington University, 2002 (M.A. business administration). 
  • Previous Elected Office:  Prosecuting Attorney of Cass Country,1994-2004; State Senate, 31st district, 2004-2008. 
  • Birth date & Place:  August 31, 1964, St. Louis, MO 
  • Family:  Single 
  • Occupation:  attorney 
  • Work Experience:  Assistant Attorney General, 1991-1993; Blackwell Sanders law firm, Kansas City, 1993-1994; Tim Dollar law firm, Kansas City. 

On August 1, 2007, Koster made Missouri political history when he announced that he was leaving the Missouri Republican Party and becoming a Democrat. Citing his longstanding differences with the GOP on issues like stem cell research, workers’ rights, and the non-partisan court plan, Koster said that the Missouri Republican Party had become too beholden to the extreme right-wing to lead the state of Missouri forward.

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