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Claire McCaskill

  • Position Held:  U.S. Senator 2007-present. 
  • Party:  Democrat 
  • Home City & County:  St. Louis 
  • Education: Hickman High School, Columbia, MO; University of Missouri-Columbia, 1975 (B.S. political science) ; 1978 (J.D. law) 
  • Previous Elected Office:  State Auditor, 1999-2007; Jackson County Prosecutor, 1992-1999; Jackson County Legislature, 1990-1992; Missouri House, 1982-1988. 
  • Birth date & Place:   July 24, 1953, Rolla, MO 
  • Family:  (1) David Exposito (div.) (2) Joe Shepard; 7 children (combined families) 
  • Religion:  Catholic 
  • Occupation: attorney 
  • Work Experience: Kansas City trial lawyer 1989-1991; law clerk, Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District, 1979;  
  • Percentage in Last Election: 50% against incumbent Republican Jim Talent 

Interestingly, Betty Anne McCaskill, Claire’s mother, lost a race for a seat in the Missouri House to Leroy Blunt, father of Roy Blunt. 

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