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David Pearce

  • Position Held: Missouri Senate 31st district, 2009-present (Counties of Bates, Case, Vernon and Johnson) 
  • Other Elective Offices:  Missouri House, district 121, 2002-2008;Warrensburg School Board
  • Party:  Republican 
  • Home City:  Warrensburg, MO
  • Birth Date and Place:  March 30, 1960, Warrensburg, MO 
  • Family:  Wife, Teresa; two children, Molly and Andrew 
  • Education: Warrensburg High School, 1978; University of Missouri, B.S. degree in agri-journalism, 1984.
  • Religion:  Presbyterian 
  • Occupation:  Banker 
  • Work Experience:  First Community Bank, Warrensburg, MO; director, Warrensburg Chamber of Commerce, 1984-1994




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