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Doug Funderburk

  • Position Held: Missouri House, district 12,  2007 to present 
  • Other Elective Office:  St. Charles County Council, 1996-2003
  • Party:  Republican 
  • Home City:  St. Charles, MO 
  • Birth Date and Place:  May 17, 1956; place not given 
  • Family:  Wife: Denise; Children, Brandon and Logan  
  • Education:  Ranken Technical College, Instrumentation and Process Controls Technology 
  • Religion:  Church of the Rock 
  • Occupation:  unknown 
  • Work Experience: Boeing Corporation, 1982-present  
  • More:  In 2011, 36 of the 163 Missouri House members signed a “No New Taxes Pledge.”  Funderburk was one of them.



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