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Ike Skelton

  • Position Held:  Congressman, 4th District; Chairman of House Armed Services Committee      
  • Party:  Democrat 
  • Home City:  Lexington, MO 
  • Birth Date and Place:  December 20, 1931, Lexington, MO 
  • Family:  Married, Patty Martin, (2009-present); Susie (1961-died 2005); 3 children: Ike, James, Page 
  • Education: Wentworth Military Academy, A.A. 1951; University of Missouri, A.B. 1953 and J.D. 1956.  University of Edinburgh, attended 1953. 
  • Religion:  Disciples of Christ (Christian Church) 
  • Occupation:  Attorney 
  • Work Experience:  Prosecuting Attorney, 1957-1960; Special Assistant Attorney General,1961-1963; Missouri Senate, 1971-1976, 

More:  Skelton is generally described as a moderate-to-conservative Democrat. He sides with social conservatives on hot-button social issues such as abortion, crime, gun control, and gay rights, but on the economic front his record is more varied as he is strongly supportive of labor.   He was one of the few Congressional Democrats to vote in favor of CAFTA and mostly supports free trade deals. Skelton voted against the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts.



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