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Jack Goodman

  • Position Held: Missouri Senate, 29th district, 2005-present; Assistant Majority Floor Leader
  • Previous Elected Positions: Missouri House, 132nd district, 2003-2005; Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Dade County, 1998-2002,
  • Party: Republican
  • Home City: Mount Vernon, MO
  • Birth Date and Place: 9 September 1973; Aurora, MO
  • Family: Wife: Laura; children: Jack Elliott; William True
  • Education: Pierce City High School, 1991; University of Missouri, B.A. Philosophy, 1995 and juris doctor, 1998.
  • Religion: Lutheran
  • Occupation: Attorney

More: In the summer of 2005, Senator Larry "Gene" Taylor died less than one year into his first term in the Missouri Senate. Jack Goodman was nominated by the Republican Party to run in the special election to succeed Sen. Taylor. In his first race for the Missouri Senate, Goodman was elected to serve the remainder of that term ending in 2009, beating his Democratic opponent by 35 points

Senator Goodman announced on February 27, 2009 his intention to run for the United States Congress seat currently held by Congressman Roy Blunt.



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