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Jerry Nolte

  • Position Held: Missouri House, district 33, 2004-present
  • Party:  Republican
  • Home City: Gladstone, MO
  • Birth Date and Place:  October 4, 1955, Kansas City, MO
  • Family:  wife: Alicia; children: Whitney, Michael, and Katrina
  • Education: Oak Park High School, Kansas City, 1973; Maple Woods Community College, A.A., 1975
  • Religion:  Catholic
  • Occupation:  Commercial artist; teacher
  • Work Experience:  art teacher, Oakhill Day School
  • More:  On 28 February 2008, Rep. Nolte introduced to House Bill No. 1463 providing that "that aliens unlawfully present in the United States shall not be eligible for enrollment in the university or college.



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