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Jim Lembke

  • Position Held:  Missouri State Senate, 1st district, 2009-present; Missouri House, 2003-2008 
  • Party:  Republican 
  • Home City & County:  St. Louis County 
  • Education:  Mehlville High School, 1979; attended Meramec Community College and Covenant Theological Seminary 
  • Previous Elected Office: none 
  • Birth date & Place:  July 24, 1961; Chicago, Illinois 
  • Family:  Wife: Donna: two children: Anna and Mitchell 
  • Religion:  Anglican 
  • Occupation:  Full-time legislator.   
  • Work Experience: Business manager/development director, Providence Christian Academy; owner/partner Savile Row, 1987-1997; owner Christopher’s Shoes, 1982-1987

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