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Kevin Engler

  • Position Held:  Missouri State Senate, district 3, 2004-present; Senate Majority Leader 
  • Other Elected Positions:  Majority Floor Leader, Missouri State Senate; Missouri House, 2002-2004; Mayor of Farmington for six years; Farmington City Council. 
  • Party:  Republican 
  • Home City:  Farmington, MO 
  • Birth Date and Place:  June 23, 1959; Festus, MO 
  • Family:  Wife, Chris; children: Amiee, Daniel, Andrew, Joseph 
  • Education: Festus High School, 1977; Southwest Missouri State University, B.A. Finance/General Business and Marketing, 1981. 
  • Religion:  Catholic 
  • Work Experience:  Representative, Edward Jones 

More:  In 2009, Engler attracted attention by proposing, then withdrawing a bill to make littering a capital offense. In a short speech on the Senate floor, he referred to constituents who litter as "white trash" and "dumb rednecks." When criticized for these remarks, Engler said, "the only ones I've called names are the ones doing it. If they are offended, good.” 

On July 9, 2009, Engler Twittered: The Tour of Missouri is HUGE for Missouri. A $3 mil investment yields nearly $30 mil in revenue. 



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