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Ron Richard

  • Position Held:  Missouri House, 2002-present.  Committees: Rules; Job Creation and Economic Development, (chair); financial Institutions, Utilities.
  • Party:  Republican
  • Home City & County:  Joplin, MO; Jasper County
  • Education:  McAuley High School, 1965, Missouri Southern State University, 1969 (B.A. Fine Arts—history); Missouri State University, 1971, (M.A. history)
  • Previous Elected Office:  Joplin City Council, 1990-1994; Mayor of Joplin, MO, 1994-1997
  • Birth date & Place:  July 4, 1947; Parsons, KS
  • Family:  Wife: Patty, 2 children: Kara and Chad; 1 grandchild
  • Religion:  Catholic
  • Occupation: Partner in A & R Development and C & R Development, and C & R Bowl Corp.




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