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Russ Carnahan

  • Position Held:  U.S. Congress, 3rd district, 2005-present 
  • Party:  Democrat 
  • Home City & County:  St. Louis 
  • Education: Rolla High School, 1976; University of Missouri-Columbia, 1979, (B.S. public administration) and 1983, (J.D. law); Richmond College, London, England. 
  • Previous Elected Office: Missouri House, 2000-2004; Chair, Democratic Caucus, 2003. 
  • Birth Date & Place: July 10, 1958; Columbia, MO 
  • Family:  Wife: Debra; children, Austin and Andrew.   
  • Religion:  Methodist 
  • Occupation:  Attorney 
  • Work Experience:  Assistant to the House Speaker, 1981; Counsel to the House Majority Floor Leader, 1985-1988; Private law practice, 1988-1995; attorney for non-profit health care company, 1995-2004. 
  • Percentage in 2008 Election:  66% against Republican Chris Sander. 

In a race to replace retiring Rep. Dick Gephardt, Carnahan won the Democratic nomination in a crowded primary field of ten Democratic candidates in 2004 with 22.9 percent of the vote, finishing with less than 1,800 votes ahead of his nearest rival, Jeff Smith, who garnered 21.3 percent.   

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