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Sylvester "Sly" James

  • Position Held: Mayor, Kansas City, MO, 2011-present
  • Party:  Independent
  • Home City:  Kansas City, MO
  • Birth Date and Place:  Kansas City, MO; December 9, 1951
  • Family:  Wife: Licia; children: Eric, Malik, Kyle, and Aja James
  • Education: Bishop Hogan High School, Kansas City, MO, 1969; Rockhurst College, cum laud, 1980; University of Minnesota Law School, cum laude, 1983.
  • Military:  Marine Corp, military police, 1971-1975.
  • Occupation:  Attorney
  • Work Experience:  Lead singer in the Amelia Earhart Memorial Flying Band, 1965-1970; Blackwell Sanders law firm, 1983-1993; Kenner and James law firm, 1993-2002; Sly James Firm, 2002-present.



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