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Vicky Hartzler

  • Office Held:  State Representative, 124th district, 1994-2000.   
  • Party:  Republican 
  • Home City & County:  Harrisonville, MO; Cass County 
  • Education:  Archie High School, 1979; University of Missouri Columbia, 1983 (summa cum laude, B.S. education); Central Missouri State University, 1992 (M.S. in education) 
  • Family:  Husband, Lowell; adopted daughter, Tiffany 
  • Religion: Mennonite Church 
  • Occupation:  teacher, writer 
  • Work experience:  Taught junior and senior high school family and consumer sciences for 11 years.  Part owner of Hatzler Equipment Company and Hatzler Farms.
  • More:
    • Appointed by Gov. Matt Blunt in 2005 to head the Missouri Women’s Council.   
    • Currently Hartzler is among the aspiring Republican candidates for the 4th district U.S. Congress seat and has filed against the popular incumbent Ike Skelton. 
    • In 2008, Hartzler published a book “Running God’s Way” about faith-based political campaigning.



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