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Politicizing The Courts An "Outrageously, Irredeemably Bad" Idea

The Missourian's George Kennedy skewers the right-wing efforts to gut the state's nonpartisan judicial selection process:

Some ideas are so outrageously, irredeemably bad that you just know they won’t go away. One of the worst is the recurring effort to destroy Missouri’s non-partisan plan for picking judges.

Its latest eruption was the little-noticed filing of an initiative petition that would replace that 70-year-old system with direct election of all judges. Another petition, previously submitted to the secretary of state's office by the same front man, would give the governor the power of direct appointment.

Why would anybody want to dump a system that is admired and copied nationally, and that has functioned without scandal since it was introduced in 1940? In two words: ideology and money.



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