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Poll: "Very Solid Numbers" For Governor Nixon

Public Policy Polling released the second part of their recent Missouri poll today. Regarding Gov. Nixon:

It's been a pretty successful first year for the state's new Governor. 42% of voters approve of the job he's doing to 25% disapproving. In a time when the popularity of many chief executives across the country is tanking, those are very solid numbers. Nixon is one of only four Governors PPP has polled on all year with a disapproval rating under 30% (the others being Jack Markell of Delaware, Mike Beebe of Arkansas, and Pat Quinn of Illinois.) The 33% of voters with no opinion of him is unusually high though, an indication that he may need to do more to step up his visibility across the state.

In the same poll, Sen. Bond's approval rating is 41/34, and Sen. McCaskill's is 42/45.

Check out the summary and full results.



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