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McCaskill Calls Republicans To Task For Obstructing Health Care Reform

Speaking this morning on CBS’ “The Early Show,” Sen. Claire McCaskill called out Republican senators for their work to slow down and kill health care reform efforts.  The Senate GOP has steadfastly refused to produce a real plan for reducing health care costs and expanding access, but has produced a comprehensive plan for slowing down the health care debate.   Watch it:

I think Sen. McCaskill is right on when she says:

I wish the Republicans would quit being the party of 'No' and come together with us. There's a lot in this bill that they wrote. They don't acknowledge that now, but there [are] a lot of Republican amendments that were put in this bill in committee. Let's start working together. That's what the American people want us to do.

Sen. Bond and the overwhelming majority of his Republican colleagues have no real interest in passing health legislation. Sen. Max Baucus went out of his way to involve Republicans in the Senate Finance Committee deliberations, and Republican ideas are most certainly included in the compromise legislation.  But that's not good enough,because Republicans aren't working to pass good legislation; they're working to pass no legislation. 



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