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House GOP Caucus = Flat Earth Caucus

World-renowned scientist Jerry Nolte (R-Gladstone) sponsored a forward-thinking and well-researched resolution last week (HCR 32) calling for Congress to reject any cap-and-trade legislation to reduce climate changing emissions. 

In addition to expressing concern with the modest increases in energy costs that would come from such a system -- costs that would be nowhere near what Republican leaders and their industry allies have promised -- Nolte's resolution follows the lead of Missouri's top climate change denier, Blaine Luetkemeyer, in criticizing the Nobel Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Here's the final 'Whereas' clause in the resolution.  Note how "climate change" is in scare quotes.

Whereas, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report has recently been fundamentally and profoundly called into question by the exposure of fraudulent analysis and conclusions. The fraud is in large part the basis of "climate change" concerns, declarations, and proposals, including cap and trade. The nature of the fraud is the deliberate concealment and manipulation of scientific data that did not support IPCC conclusions or recommendations:

The scientific evidence and consensus is overwhelming, but modern Republicans aren't fazed by facts.  After all: Why bother with reducing emissions when "climate change" is all a fraud?  

More than 50 other members of the House have co-sponsored the resolution, signing their names to ridiculous notion that global warming and climate change are fairy tales, and that nonaction is the best course of action on energy and climate policy. 

The Republican resolution, of course, ignores all of the positive economic impacts and job growth that would come from reducing our dependence on oil and coal, and ignores all of the Pentagon's national security concerns related to climate.  It also ignores the people of Missouri, who believe global warming is real, is a serious problem, and that reducing emissions is important.


The list of co-sponsors who believe climate change ought to be referred to as "climate change."

  • Sue Allen
  • Walt Bivins
  • Ellen Brandom
  • Dan Brown 
  • Mark Bruns
  • Eric Burlison
  • Robert Cooper
  • Stanley Cox
  • Cynthia Davis
  • David Day
  • Bill Deeken
  • Charlie Denison
  • Mike Dethrow
  • John Diehl
  • Tony Dugger
  • Gary Dusenberg
  • Ed Emery
  • Doug Ervin
  • Sally Faith
  • Barney Fisher
  • Tom Flanigan
  • Tim Flook
  • Ward Franz
  • Doug Funderburk
  • Chuck Gatschenberger
  • Casey Guernsey
  • Allen Icet
  • Tim Jones
  • Shelley Keeney
  • Andrew Koenig
  • Will Kraus
  • Mike Lair
  • Mike Leara
  • Tom Loehner
  • Mike McGhee
  • Chris Molendorp
  • Brian Munzlinger
  • Bob Nance
  • Brian Nieves
  • Mark Parkinson
  • Bryan Pratt
  • Jeanie Riddle
  • Marilyn Ruestman
  • Don Ruzicka
  • Therese Sander
  • David Sater
  • Rob Schaaf
  • Rodney Schad
  • Ryan Silvey
  • Jason Smith
  • Bryan Stevenson
  • Mike Thomson
  • Clint Tracy
  • Jay Wasson
  • Don Wells
  • Ray Weter
  • Larry Wilson
  • Billy Pat Wright 
  • Anne Zerr


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