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Kinder: Health Care Vote "Worthy of Hugo Chavez"

There are few bounds to Lt. Governor Peter Kinder's extremist rhetoric.  This morning, he parroted the outrage of Newt Gingrich this morning, who tweeted: "Sunday's vote was worthy of Hugo Chavez, not America. We will not allow a corrupt machine to dictate our future." His message then links to an article on Gingrich's website.  An excerpt:

Sunday was a pressured, bought, intimidated vote worthy of Hugo Chavez but unworthy of the United States of America...

It is hard for the American people to believe their leaders on the left are this bad.
They are.

The American people will not allow a corrupt machine to dictate their future...

I have little doubt that Kinder is bummed out by yesterday's proceedings in the House of Representatives, but a vote is a vote.  If the Lieutenant Governor has evidence or real reason to believe that the vote was orchestrated by a "corrupt machine" analogous to Hugo Chavez' operation, let's hear it.  But my suspicion is that he's just continuing his practice of spewing whatever comes to mind with the (accurate) assumption that no one will really hold him accountable.

From where I sit, there are two ways to explain the extreme ideas and language one finds on Kinder's Twitter feed.  One option is that he's just pandering to right-wing uberconservatives in the hope that they'll support his future bid for statewide or federal office.  The other option is that he really is this insane.  Neither is good.  And either way, the public needs to know what their Lieutenant Governor is doing.


Rich AuBuchon, Kinder's Chief of Staff, gets in on the act: "Democrats decree us a Socialist state."


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