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Richard & Tilley Mad About Efforts To "Subvert" Their Defense of Payday Lenders

Missourinet has the latest update in the ongoing saga of Rep. Mary Still's payday loan legislation:

House Speaker Ron Richard, a Republican from Joplin, says the bill will go nowhere in wake of Democrats taking such a drastic step [exercising the constitutional right to strip a committee of a bill and force it on the calendar].

“There’s a right way and a wrong way to do things around here,” Richard “I’ll be asking the Majority (Floor) Leader not to take it up.”

Majority Floor Leader Steven Tilley, a Republican from Perryville, says he has no plans to.

“If it gets to the calendar, I have no intention to take it up, because it subverts the Speaker, it subverts the committee chair and the committee process,” Tilley says...

Really?  "There’s a right way and a wrong way to do things around here?" This is from the guy who wouldn't assign Still's legislation to committee for consideration?  Then sat by as Rep. Don Wells, a payday loan operator himself, conducted a sham committee meeting to allow industry lobbyists to promote their services without any opposing viewpoints.

What a joke.



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