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Cooper Back In The Mix?

There are a few things to digest in a new post from the Post-Dispatch's Tony Messenger about ShowMe Better Courts' inability or refusal to pay their petition gatherers in a timely manner. 

Perhaps the most interesting nugget to long-time Fired Up! readers is the public reappearance of convicted felon Nathan Cooper in the GOP mix. As you may know, Cooper was sentenced to 15 months in federal prison in December 2007 for immigration fraud.

According to one of the aggrieved workers, Cooper was working with another Republican operative for the effort to gut the state's nonpartisan judicial selection process. James Harris, who runs ShowMe Better Courts, would only state that Cooper has “no official role” in his organization. 

It seems like a person might not want a convicted felon anywhere near a hot-button initiative petition campaign.  But what do I know?



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