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SEMissourian Publisher Responds To "Unfair And Inappropriate" Innuendo, But Not By Name

Southeast Missourian publisher Jon K. Rust responds to the gross letter from Josh Bill noted below, but without actually naming Bill's name.  He's just "a writer who once worked for Emerson's husband" in Rust's response.

This week, people close to the Emerson campaign crossed the line in mudslinging too. In a paid election letter to this newspaper, a writer who once worked for Emerson's husband called into question Sowers' sexuality. The innuendo used was repugnant...

My guess is that I may be a minority in this position [not caring about a Congressional candidate's sexual orientation], however, especially in the 8th District, which is what makes the paid election letter repugnant. The innuendo is artfully done and clearly intentional. And it is the type of political tactic that is disgraceful, because it's not about what is true or not, it's about scoring a campaign point regardless of the truth.

Bill wasn't a low-level staffer, and he has a name. If you're going to call a person out for a "repugnant" letter, why can't you say his name?



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