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Joe The Plumber Throws His Wrench At "Anointed RINO Congressman Roy Blunt"

The Chuck Purgason campaign has published a letter from Samuel Wurzelbacher outlining his complaints with Roy Blunt's Washington record: 

I AM surprised and disgusted that the same "conservatives" who have been shouting fiscal responsibility from the mountain tops are now throwing a true statesman under the bus instead of rallying to his side.

Chuck Purgason is a State Senator for a part of southern Missouri. He's worked his way up from the House to the Senate ever since his "Tea Party" moment in 1996. He has proven (the hard way) that you actually can be a man of integrity in a government full of wolves. When liberal U.S. Senator Kit Bond (R) decided to retire, he anointed RINO Congressman Roy Blunt (R) to be his heir apparent. After Roy Blunt's votes for the TARP Bailout, Cash for Clunkers, No Child Left Behind, taking the most lobbyist money, etc. (I really could go on and on and on...) Chuck said there was no way he was going to let Blunt represent Missouri or Republicans in the U.S. Senate. So, Chuck Purgason threw his hat into the race for U.S. Senate against mega power broker Roy Blunt.

Wurzelbacher also praises Purgason for his attempts to block the manufacturing jobs bill signed into law today.  Read the whole letter here.

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