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In First TV Ad, Martin Forgets To Mention Pretty Much Everything On His Super-Awesome Resume

It's obviously hard to pack a lot of information into a 30-second TV spot, but Crazy Ed Martin manages to explain very little about his record of unethical leadership and wasting of taxpayer dollars in his first TV spot.  Apparently, Ed's creation of the website (but not his misuse of said website) and the fact that his family prays before dinner are his main qualifications for office (this footage was presumably filmed before Barry Soetoro and Russ Carnahan shut down his ability to talk with God). 

But honestly -- couldn't Ed have mentioned any of the following facts about his public record in his first commercial? 

Voters need to know what an Ed Martin is Congress would be all about!  Perhaps Ed's plan is to bring up all of this closer to Election Day. 



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