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Martin Opposes Abortion, Even In Cases of Rape and Incest

On KTRS' Jaco Report this morning, Ed Martin confirmed that he opposes abortion in all cases -- even in instances of rape and incest.  Listen:

Also note that Martin repeated the still-false claim that federal health care dollars in the new reform law are being sent to Pennsylvania for abortion. looked at an identical claim made by the National Right to Life committee in July, and found it to be completely false.


...Getting back to our rating: The National Right to Life Committee said the Obama administration will give Pennsylvania $160 million to pay for health insurance plans that cover "any legal abortion." If we had looked at this case before the Obama administration issued its statements, we might have been a little torn. While the Pennsylvania proposal referred to statutes about legal abortion, it also said that "elective abortions are not covered," and that is potentially contradictory. But it's important to keep in mind that this plan is intended to cover older people who have health problems, not young, healthy women who might seek abortions, and that the regulations are being created quickly. In short, we don't see pre-meditated intent to cover elective abortion. And as soon as the issue of abortion was raised, the Obama administration stated that the plans would not be allowed to cover elective abortions and that forthcoming regulations would reflect that. Given those assurances, we rate the National Right to Life Committee's statement False.



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