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Ten for 2010: Peter Kinder’s Most Outrageous Tweets of the Year

Over the next week and a half, we’ll be bringing you ten 10 Top 10 lists looking back on the year that was.

With the self control and emotional maturity of a high school freshman, Lt. Governor Peter Kinder has spent copious amounts of free time in 2010 tweeting vile, dishonest and outrageous messages to his online followers. Sadly, our mainstream media outlets have ignored his garbage as often as Kinder has ignored the truth, and very few Missourians have been informed about the hate and insanity that flows with regularity from one of their statewide politicians. Here are the ten tweets or twitter tantrums that left us the most dumbfounded.   

#10: Kinder declares that Wall Street Reform legislation is a catastrophic "socialist takeover of the financial sector."
This first question one asks when reading the Lt. Governor's response to the Wall Street reform legislation passed in June is, "Does he know what the words 'socialist' and 'takeover' mean?"   The new law passed 60-39 with Republican support in the Senate, in part because it some of the original consumer protection proposals were beat back by Wall Street lobbyists.   Here's a summary of what's actually in the law -- none of it even comes close to a collectivist takeover of our financial industry.

For posterity:!/PeterKinder/status/17034370969

#9: Kinder advises followers that they "MUST" check out a bunch of #trampstamp tatoos. 

In the most dignified way possible, Kinder identified a blog post on as a "MUST READ" in September.  "These twenty ladies could have scored more hottie points if they resisted the urge to be bold and didn’t overdo their oh-so-permanent tramp stamp tattoos," the post reads, and includes some truly horrible tattoos, butt cracks and all.

For posterity:!/PeterKinder/status/22838775924

#8: Andrew Breitbart is a "great guy," and "Thank God for Andrew Brietbart."
Our Lt. Governor continued his love for dishonest right-wing provocateur Andrew Breitbart, well after any reasonably informed person should have known better.  When Breitbart acolyte James O'Keefe was prosecuted for federal phone tampering charges, Kinder accused the Department of Justice of conducting a "trumped up witch hunt." Breitbart's record of lies has been well documented , and you should get up to speed if you aren't already.  Here's a summary, he's an immoral scumbag, and no public official should be proud of him.

For posterity:!/PeterKinder/status/9939172201!/PeterKinder/status/11116465546!/PeterKinder/statuses/19009907691

#7: Kinder falsely accuses Fired Up! of lying about his legal team's incompetence.

In November, our Lt. Governor declared that a Fired Up! post summarizing a filing from the local U.S. Attorney and Department of Justice was "100% false."  Kinder's legal team had not served the proper U.S. Attorney in his Health Care Inaction lawsuit, meaning that all of the complaints about the DOJ being tardy in responding to his silly complaint were premature. (Can you imagine Kinder jumping the gun and making declarations without having all the facts?)  Kinder didn't like our post, so he declared to KMOX's Doug McElvein that Fired Up!'s reporting was "100% false."  Except it wasn't. The federal judge in the case ordered Kinder's attorney to serve the correct USA, and only then did the Obama Administration's clock for responding begin ticking.

For posterity:!/PeterKinder/status/6067985294827520

#6: Kinder helps spread "a fact-twisting, error-laden piece of paranoia"

One of the (many) underreported aspects Lt. Governor's Twitter activity is his distribution of truly outrageous articles and ideas with seemingly bland retweets or links.  In May, for example, he tweeted and initialed a link to a post on Newt Gingrich's website in which Mr. Gingrich defended the idea that Democrats are "a threat to America as great as Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union."  Another good example was Kinder's distribution of a Forbes article in September that the Columbia Journalism Review described as "a gross piece of innuendo—a fact-twisting, error-laden piece of paranoia. This is the worst kind of smear journalism—a singularly disgusting work."

For posterity:!/PeterKinder/status/24385866523!/PeterKinder/status/14245835997

#5: Kinder plays prosecutor, judge and jury for man who still hasn’t been charged with any crimes.
In August, Kinder declared that a man named Chris Powers was guilty of firebombing Rep. Russ Carnahan's campaign office.  Powers was a suspect in the crime, but hasn't been convicted of anything.  Kinder saw no reason to restrain himself, however.   When Powers' attorney threated legal action bloggers and conservative activists who had convicted him online, the chatter from the St. Louis Tea Party died down.    But Kinder has yet to delete his related tweets or even acknowledge that jumped the gun a bit here.   It's also worth noting that KMOV publicly wondered if Kinder's tweets about the matter were "appropriate."

For posterity:!/PeterKinder/status/22127357484!/PeterKinder/status/22127357484!/PeterKinder/status/22102735673!/PeterKinder/status/22102639048

#4: Kinder out-krazies Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin with crass attempt to politicize DC-area hostage crisis.
A crazy person took hostages at the headquarters of Discovery Communications outside of Washington, DC, in September, and was eventually killed by police after a scary standoff.  Because he was described in some reports that day as an "environmental militant" who believed "the world would be better off without people," Kinder thought it would be cool to connect him to Al Gore and people who think that global warming is real (Kinder has repeatedly tweeted his belief that global warming is a fraud.)   Amazingly, attempts by Kinder and other uberpartisans was too disgusting for Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin.

For posterity:!/PeterKinder/status/22745943240!/PeterKinder/status/22744962337

#3: Kinder announces the formation of federal #DeathPanels in August.
Eight months after the Republican's "death panel" meme was named "Lie of the Year", our Lt. Governor decided to trot it back out -- and even make it a hashtag as he freaked out about an FDA proposal to revoke approval for Avastin because studies did not confirm that it was helping breast cancer patients.  Pharmacology expert Peter Kinder disagreed, and accused the FDA of trying to proactively kill people.  Outrageous, offensive, stupid and embarrassing.

For posterity:!/PeterKinder/status/21538874536!/PeterKinder/status/21538665723!/PeterKinder/status/21537065960

#2: Kinder reveals that National Public Radio is a "statist, fascist outfit" that fired Juan Williams to 'intimidate' minorities and "make them fearful of speaking the truth." 
This is just as insane as it sounds.   In late October, Kinder released a fury of angry tweets and retweets about NPR's dismissal of Juan Williams, attaching his initials to some truly vile stuff.  For posterity:!/PeterKinder/status/28068256669!/PeterKinder/status/28355969005!/PeterKinder/status/28072654901

#1: Kinder laments the "astonishing explosion of lefty Jew hatred" that is "THE big trend of last decade."  
Kinder's bad judgment and bad ideas exploded on the twitternets in June when Helen Thomas said stupid things about Israel and got herself fired.  For reasons that are still unclear, Kinder spent two days complaining about Thomas online and the "great prevalence of virulent anti-Semitism from the Left" and "astonishing explosion of lefty Jew hatred" that is apparently "THE big trend of last decade."  What makes his Twitter tantrum even more remarkable is the way a few simple messages progressive activist  Patricia Bynes (@patricalicious) drew out even more of Kinder's krazy. 

It's still remarkable:!/PeterKinder/status/15656709158!/PeterKinder/status/15656904939!/PeterKinder/status/15656904939!/PeterKinder/statuses/15634407192!/PeterKinder/statuses/15592430772!/PeterKinder/statuses/15650761548



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