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Roark and Purgason Enter Fired Up! Hall of Shame

Sen. Chuck Purgason and Rep. Brad Roark and new inductees into the Fired Up! Hall of Shame.  In recent days, both have singled out Mr. Shawn Vickers for public ridicule, claiming that he has been bilking the Medicaid system.  

In the eyes of Mr. Purgason and Mr. Roark, Mr. Vickers real sin was to have the temerity to question the wisdom of their legislative proposals.  As we should all know by now, as the subjects of the neo-GOP Kingdom, we are not supposed to question, but instead bow down in submission to their every whim.

Since he testified, his story was debated on the House floor and appears to have been the focus of separate newspaper columns written by a state senator and a state representative, although they didn’t use his name.

Republicans have cited Vickers’ story as an example of Medicaid excesses. Vickers, though, says his story is being twisted to mislead voters.

Sadly, in the neo-GOP, there is no expectation that you will have your facts straight before trying to tarnish someone's public reputation.

There is more to come about the Fired Up! Hall of Shame, but here's a hint.  Members of the Fired Up! Hall of Shame reside in a glass house, and have all thrown the first stone.



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