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Steelman Questions Constitutionality of Medicare in Painful KTRS Interview

This morning on KTRS' McGraw Milhaven show, Senate candidate Sarah Steelman struggled to answer basic questions about what she'd do to make health care more affordable and accessible in the Senate, and what she'd do to back up any of her vapid rhetoric about balancing the federal budget. 

One of the few positions Steelman did reveal was that she isn't sure our existing  Medicare system is constitutional, because non-seniors pay taxes that finance Medicare programs for senior citizens. "There's a good question as to whether that's constitutional or not," she says at the 3:00 mark in this clip. Listen to an excerpt of the back and forth:

Be sure to listen to the end, when McGraw stumps Steelman with a trick question, "What's that primary election date?" 

At around the 4:00 mark, Steelman misleads listeners about the fiscal impact of the federal health care law, claiming it will "add a trillion dollars to the national debt."  One might think that a candidate who sells herself as an economist would know the difference between the total outlays and deficit impact of a law, but perhaps not. The Affordable Care Act will reduce the deficit, and the GOP plan to repeal it would increase the federal deficit by around $230 billion.


In case you're wondering, the 2012 primary elections will be held on August 7.



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