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This Is What a Better Informed and Better Organized Movement Looks Like

Last week, a great group of St. Louis area activists decided it might be fun to attend a health care "hearing" put on by Ed Martin's Senate campaign. Joined by fellow luminaries Peter KinderPhyllis Schafly and Bill Hennessy, Ed was expecting a platform to distribute the same tired lies, bad information and bad ideas about the federal Affordable Care Act.  

But equipped with facts and an actual interest in policies that expand access to affordable health care, the progressive activists effectively out-hustled and embarrassed Martin at his own event.  

Crazy Eddie was clearly caught off guard by the progressive activists' attendance and questions.  Immediately after the "hearing," he attempted a lame ACORN smear, but then abandoned that line of attack the next day when he praised the crowd for their civil discussion

Show-Me Progress and St. Louis Activist Hub have exhaustive coverage of the "hearing" that you really should check out. Here are a few links to get your started: 

...If you're not reading Show-Me Progress and St. Louis Activist Hub should be. 



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