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Kevin Wilson Criticizes Fellow GOPers for 'Derailing' Real Ethics Reform in 2010

In a new opinion piece published by The Star, former Rep. Kevin Wilson (R-Neosho) criticizes his GOP colleagues for thwarting the bipartisan push for real ethics reform in 2010.

"They set about to derail our efforts and they were most successful – the work of the committee was set aside and the bill was scuttled," he writes. 

Wilson earned bipartisan praise for his work to craft a meaningful ethics and campaign finance reform legislation last year as chair of a special committee created by Speaker Ron Richard for that purpose, before Richard and then-Majority Leader Steve Tilley shut down any talk of real reform. 

Wilson's column comes just days after the stripped-down ethics law eventually passed was struck down in court by Cole County Judge Daniel Green, who ruled that it violated the state constitution's single-subject rule. 

Go read Wilson's full column here.



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